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Welcome fellow foodies!

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Tasting authentic foods to us is part of the holiday experience. Whether it’s rolling out the picnic mat with the freshest sushi and sashimi in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo’s hippest park in Japan, or eating traditional tapas like a true local Spaniard, washed down with a refreshing cool beer in the sun.

"Food is powerful"

Some of our best memories on holiday revolves around food.

With so many popular destinations offering incredible cuisines, we’ve listed our TOP 6 to inspire and tickle your taste buds:

1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

From street food stalls, where you can watch your food cooked right before your eyes or accompanied by a local expert, for a true taste of Vietnam, this country is a foodie’s paradise! Evident by the number of food tours and cooking experiences on offer.

A highlight for me on my trip was taking a Vietnamese cooking class in Hoi An, where I got the chance to cook my own bowl of Pho (a fragrant, nourishing beef and noodle soup dish) from scratch! It was absolutely delicious and I became obsessed with eating it.

2. Tokyo, Japan

An unforgettable, fun experience I would recommend is having lunch at a Kaiten-zushi restaurant. This is different from dining at a conventional sushi restaurant because the Japanese dishes are on a conveyor belt. You can either select yourself as the sushi moves past your table or place an order and see it whizz along the top and I was surprised by the speed it was delivered.

If you like to get hands-on, or should I say feet on, then a visit to a restaurant that offers visitors a noodle-making experience is great. You begin by mixing the udon dough with your hands and kneading by your feet to finish, but don’t worry the dough is protected! Before rolling and chopping into strands and there is no greater pleasure than eating a dish you have made completely from scratch.

3. Paris, France

I couldn’t resist the crepes in Paris! Order to go from a street vendor, they’re usually folded into a cone-like shape with a filling of your choice inside, or take time to savour them in a sit-down style restaurant, where the crepes are usually served open.

I took full advantage of the dozens of patisseries with display cabinets full of tarts, pains au chocolat, and croissants! The tantalising smells drew me in as I walked around the city.

4. Port Louis, Mauritius

My trip to Mauritius was filled with flavoursome food and was a wonderful eating adventure! Food here is Creole, a mix of Indian, African, French and Chinese and with the island being located in the Indian Ocean, fresh fish is always on the menu.

I love fish, especially grilled with a slice of lemon on the side or diced and added with a range of spices to a curry, the fish was always succulent and filled with flavour.

Mauritius is also the perfect destination to sample cocktails… The Green Island local rum produced on the island is amazing and a cocktail I insist on trying if you like coconut is the classic Coconut Daiquiri! A combination of coconut cream, rum and lime juice with lots of ice, a sweet treat for sipping by the pool!

5. Sydney, Australia

With the spotlight still on seafood, Australia was the first place I tasted BBQ octopus, soft-shell crab and calamari covered in salt and pepper, which tasted delicious. I also recall having a seafood marinara pizza, smothered in the freshest and tastiest seafood.

One of my most vivid memories was being invited to a “barbie” by an Australian family, who my mum knew through work and we all know that Australians are well-known for their barbeque prowess! The meat and fish were grilled to perfection and the sausages were in a league of their own.

The authentic grub, witchetty grubs, enjoyed by indigenous Australians for thousands of years have apparently a nutty-flavoured bite, but fortunately, we didn’t come across them, or maybe it was the fact we didn’t look hard enough.

6. Northern Cyprus

Not your typical destination to be featured on a top foodie list but certainly worth a mention in my eyes! I was surprised by the quality of fresh food on offer here. North Cyprus is influenced by many cultures and takes its origins from the Med, Turkey, as well as Middle Eastern dishes, making it an excellent place to experience new foods!

There is an abundance of places to eat, from meze in traditional tavernas to modern fine eateries. I enjoyed Yalanci Dolma, which is vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions and tomatoes, Lahmacun, a type of Turkish pizza and Kofte, a minced lamb and herb patty. If you have a sweet tooth then try Kadayif, a shredded pastry cake, one of the oldest desserts in Cyprus, similar to bread pudding, yum!

Written by Miranda Fry

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